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Treatments - with sound

I have a part-time therapy practice in Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire and also in Letchworth at the Letchworth Centre for Healthy Living, where I offer sound healing treatments using my voice in combination with musical tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, a beautiful apple-wood sounding bowl and a number of other instruments, as required.

Treatment Costs
· 1-hour appointments: £35.00 to £45.00 (depending on venue)
Talks, Workshops, Events

I am happy to tailor talks and workshops to suit the needs and interests of your group, school, organisation or event. For further details please contact me.

Current options include:

"Ten Top Tips to Tune up Your Day"
"Self-Realization through Sound and Story"
"Sound Healing with the Voice - Treatment Demo"
"My Life-Changing Experience of Tomatis Listening Therapy"
"Insights into Sound Healing and the Benefits to You"
Tuning in to Sound and Story
Toning for Health
Learn Sacred Chants from around the World
Sound Meditations
Laughter is the Best Medicine (based on Laughter Yoga)
Sound and Story Sessions for Children
Light and Laughter Gatherings
Sound Relaxation Sessions with Tibetan bowls, gong, sansula and voice
Please check here for dates and listings of regular events, including:
Sacred Chant Evenings
Monthly Sound and Voice Healing Circle
Sound Healing Practitioner Training
Light and Laughter Gatherings