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The Mr Chunky Healing Stories for Children

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Downloadable Audio Stories, Created and Told by Sue Pready

On this page, you can download free MP3 audio versions of several of the Mr Chunky stories. Click the "Free MP3 Download" button next to the story that you want to download, and save the MP3 onto your computer to listen to whenever you want.

Paperback from Amazon
Mr Chunky and the Very Near Miss
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Mr Chunky and the Very Near Miss more infoWhen Mr Chunky turns up in the lives of Will and Gabi, it's as though a warm light has been switched on inside. Everyone who meets him seems to feel it too. When Will faces a very near miss, Mr Chunky is there to make him feel better. But what is it about this cat that makes everyone around him feel a little bit lighter, a little bit happier? Find out in this delightful tale of insight and intuition, where you can learn how to hear Mr Chunky, too.   11:46 2005 13.8 megs
Mr Chunky and the Flutterby Box more infoGabi has a falling-out with her best friend, Emily, and goes to see Mr Chunky for some advice...   09:51 2005 11.5 megs
Mr Chunky and the Very Precious Gift more infoWill makes a new friend and discovers how help and support can come to us in the most unexpected ways!   10:14 2005 12.1 megs
Mr Chunky and the Vision of Loveliness more infoMr Chunky falls in love on holiday in France!   07:46 2006   9.1 megs
Coming Soon...
Mr Chunky and the Circle of Sound more infoComing Soon...        
Mr Chunky and the Windows of Wonder more infoComing Soon...        
Mr Chunky and the Coverlet of Dreams more infoComing Soon...        

Recordings, editing and mastering by Martin Family, Aston End Studios in Hertfordshire.