Sue Pready

Sue Pready is a Sound Healing Practitioner & Trainer, Reiki Teacher, Spiritual Healer and writer of the Mr Chunky Healing Stories for Children.  Her special interest is in the therapeutic use of sound and story to help promote health and wellbeing for people of all ages.

Sue’s interest in complementary therapies began in 1997 when – at a particularly challenging time in her life - she booked a reiki treatment for the first time. Finding it to be such a deeply relaxing and restorative experience, on leaving the clinic Sue caught herself thinking “if only I could offer that kind of beautiful healing space to others one day …”

Sue began training in Reiki in 1998 and on qualifying as a Reiki Master Teacher in 2003 she left her post in local government to work in the healing arts as a Reiki Teacher & Practitioner which has continued to this day.

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Since that time Sue has trained in a range of additional healing therapies including Spiritual Healing with The Healing Trust (NFSH) … Psychosynthesis Psychology at the London Institute … Sound Healing with the Voice (CoSH) … Reiki Drum Healing … Angelic Reiki … Gong Therapy  … Singing Bowls Therapy (CoSH) … Group Voice Therapy (BAST) at the British Academy of Sound Therapy.

Other shorter courses have included Healing in Hospitals () …  Cancer Care courses at Mount Vernon Hospital … Laughter Facilitation Skills (Joe Hoare) … Saved by a Poem (Kim Rosen) … Storytelling (Danyah Miller at Emerson College) … Intuitive Storytelling (Leo Sofer) … Natural Mindfulness Guide Training (Ian Banyard).

Work Experience

Sue has worked in private practice and at a number of complementary therapy centres whilst living in Herts and has given many talks and workshop sessions to various groups over the years.  Sue is now based in Oxfordshire.

Her voluntary work has been with the Isobel Hospice in Welwyn (Receptionist In-Patient Unit), the Hertfordshire NHS Foundation Trust (Pastoral Care Visitor) … Grove House Hospice in St. Albans (Energy Therapist) and at Hertford Hospital Outpatients Department (Energy Therapist).

Sue first qualified as a sound healing practitioner specialising in the voice in 2009 and since 2012 has been a tutor for The College of Sound Healing running their Core Practitioner Training Programme in Herts and now transferring over to Abingdon from March 2022.

Looking back, it is evident to Sue that the leap of faith she made in 2003 to leave employment to work in the healing arts has led her… not only to experience a profoundly different inner way of being … but also to find her true passion, which turns out to be a love of working with Sound Healing, Voice & Story.

These three quotations have acted as beacons of inspiration for Sue on that journey:

“Deep inside you exists a place of infinite beauty and rest, of dancing and joy and playful being, of limitless vision and infinite abundance. This space constitutes our true being. This is the space within you …"

Pierre Pradervand

“Man’s spiritual development is a long and arduous journey, an adventure through strange lands full of surprises, difficulties and even dangers. It involves a drastic transmutation of the ‘normal’ elements of the personality, an awakening to potentialities hitherto dormant, a raising of consciousness to new realms, and a functioning along a new inner dimension.”

Alberto Assagioli,

Founder of Psychosynthesis Psychology

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive? And then go and do that … because what the world needs is people who have come alive"

Howard Thurman

Sue’s Approach

It is the resonance of this last quotation that now rests at the core of Sue's approach to all aspects of her work - to serve as a catalyst for others to heal and be who they truly are …

Client Testimonial (Ref Sound Healing Treatments)

"Wow. That’s the best I've felt in years!" were my parting words to Sue as I left my third sound healing session this week - and I meant it. The sublime sounds of the instruments coupled with Sue's rich vocal toning make for a profoundly healing and deeply relaxing experience. The vibrations which you are immersed in remain with you far beyond the healing session. For myself, this healing has been a spiritual awakening. I have felt a deep sense of balance and harmony, leaving me a clear path through the white noise of my own thoughts to hear the voice of my truest self. The most recent session using the Himalayan bowls has left me full of vitality and mental clarity.

Sue's wisdom and gentle guidance has had a positive effect on my life. Sound healing has not only helped me; my family and friends have benefitted from the presence of this peaceful vibration that I now carry with me. Sue's sessions have re-attuned my senses. I have a new perception of sound and its influence on our mind, body and spirit and, rippling out from that, our connection with the world around us. I am now able to fully appreciate the difference between hearing and listening .…

I have been humbled by the sounds from these healing vibrations which have had a deep impact on strengthening my connection to nature and its process of living - and that is the greatest gift I could receive from these sessions. The ears of my soul are now open and my heart is ready to hold many wonders. Thank you Sue"

Jacqueline G


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